The Tour

Your 35-minute tour leaves from the waterfront goes up to the top of our beautiful town and down again via a different route. We weave our way back and forth through the streets so that the horses don't have to go up any of the steepest hills and to allow our guests to see as much of Historical Old Town Lunenburg as possible.

The town of Lunenburg has more than three hundred historic homes dating back to the 18th and 19th centuries. Our churches are some of the oldest in North America. Lunenburg Academy, our famous "castle-on-the-hill" school, dates back to 1895 and the view from its location is absolutely breathtaking. To see the amazement on people's faces when they experience the beauty and uniqueness of our home town makes us very proud to live in such a wonderful place and to be able to share it with our guests from around the world.

Our drivers' commentary will keep you on the edge of your seat with all sorts of historical and community information. But we have the most fun sharing legends and special stories. Sometimes the horse even has a joke to tell!!! Your satisfaction is always guaranteed.

The tour is very laid back. It is not uncommon to meet some of the local folks along the way and, from time to time, they too will have a story to tell… and, of course, a treat for the horse! Approximately 2500 people live in our town and, while we often hear visitors comment on how friendly the citizens are, we jokingly tell them that it's just that they are lonely for someone to talk to!

We are so proud that people often describe our tour as a "must do" activity - for both visitors and locals! Please do join us for fun and memories you won't soon forget.

Sunset Tours

Our beautiful town and harbour can be seen in all of its glory as the sun is setting.  if you are wishing to have the last sunset tour of the day we highly recommend that you reserve this in advance, either online or by walking to our departure station on Bluenose Drive (beside the Fisheries Museum of the Atlantic).  This is particularly important in peak season when these rides are highly sought after.