Our Retired Horses

Without our horses we simply cannot offer our wonderful customers the fantastic narrated historical tours that we do.  They are part of our family and though they might have moved on to retirement and greener pastures we continue to value the huge contribution that they made to our success over the years.  We take great pride in ensuring that they are rehomed to beautiful, loving families for their retirement years

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Jessie James was our only pure bred Belgian. He was a stud horse for seven years and arrived with us at the age of ten years old. He was loved by all who were honoured enough to drive him and all the guests that he took around Town. Jessie passed away from natural causes, at the age of 21, in the winter of 2010, surrounded by the humans who loved him dearly.


Mike if he was bad. Michael used to like to show off at the loading zone. He loved taking the folks around town and did not want to sit and wait too long. After sitting for a spell, he would look at you as if to say …………WELL,…… what are you waiting for and then would want to leave without you. Mike was retired in the fall of 2010 to a beautiful farm in Branch LaHave with a family friend. He made some new friends there and enjoyed the balance of his life to the fullest before peacefully passing away.

on the waterfront with bluenose in backg
Rounding the corner with the Lunenburg A


What can I say about Bob, well if you spell his name backwards, it’s still BOB. …….. Bob was the senior fellow around here, he was with us almost from the beginning. He was a pretty funny horse, you didn’t drive him, he drove you, (crazy with laughter sometimes).  Bob was 25 years old, his weight topped over 1800 lbs and his belly looked like a barrel when he retired.  I would have to say that he was one of the town's favourites.  Bob retired to an ocean front farm in First South where he was cared for by a wonderful  retired couple. He enjoyed life to the fullest a few more years before peacefully passing and joining his team mates in  the life hereafter.