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Spring has Sprung!

The horses are starting to get back into the swing of things now that the weather is getting better! We have been walking them around the neighbourhood, as well as starting to drive them into town. It has been so nice to get the horses out after a long winter. We love seeing everyone walking around town and interacting with the horses... I'm sure they missed the lovin' as well! Here at the farm we've been training and making some changes to the barn. The horses have been getting a lot of attention (putting up with me braiding their hair every week). They're definitely happy to be outside throughout the day in their paddock in the sunshine! They're all starting to lose their winter coat, so there's always hair flying around the barn now. Jack, our Belgian with the shorter tail, has moved into the box stall so that he is able to see Jake and Ernie while they're outside in the mornings. He enjoys playing with Jake by biting Jake's halter and swinging his head up and down... Jake just sits there and accepts his fate.

A couple weeks ago they got their feet trimmed and in a couple more weeks they're going to get their shoes on! How exciting! It is almost a month until we start doing tours again, my goodness time has flown by! I know I'm feeling super excited to get out there, but also a bit nervous since it's our first season running. I know everything will work out well though as we are surrounded by kind people who are generous enough to share their knowldege with us. The horses are a big part in all of this as I know they will also be great teachers. We've treated them well, and I know that they will treat us well!


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