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Out in Town!

WOOHOO!! May is finally here, and the horses are out doing tours again! A few days ago was our first "official" day out on the waterfront doing tours and the horses loved being out. It's been so nice getting out and seeing everyone walking around town. We have a few new additions for the horses this year: diaper bags, flashing lights on the back of the carriages, and water buckets at their hay boxes on the waterfront. All of these additions will help our operation run smoothly and safely!

Recently there has been some filming of a show down by the waterfront and they have been using horses in some of the scenes. I took Jake out on one of the days the film horses were in town and Jake was so excited! He kept whinnying at them and I think was a little confused as to why there were other horses in town. It has been so cool being able to see people in their costumes and other horses around town while this has been going on.

We will be slowly ramping up business within the next month to get ready for the summer! Expect us out on nicer days down by the waterfront!

- Shay

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