Life during the COVID 19 Pandemic

Updated: May 6

It can't be all just fun and games!

We were just getting ready to start up for the 2020 season when we all got slammed with the health and safety regulations necessitated by COVID 19. It was hard on everybody - even the horses.

They knew that with the finer weather would come the opportunity to get out and do the work they love and are bred for. Time went by and it became obvious that there was no safe way to open for the 2020 season.

For the health of the horses, both physical and mental, we had to find something for them to do. What better way to put horses used in tours with vintage carriages than to harness them up and put them to work in fields - just the way their forefathers would have done.

It was amazing to see the joy in their step when they heard the harnesses being dragged out. It was a learning curve for both the horses and the drivers - but oh what fun we had! The bonus was that parts of the paddocks were prepared and seeded to provide the horses with even better areas in which to play when they are not working. The wonderful things that can be achieved with good old honest to goodness "Horsepower".