Spring Training

Updated: May 6

Getting ready to meet and greet the new guests

With fall and winter comes periods of inactivity for humans and horses alike.

Spring has sprung here at the stables. Old drivers return. New drivers are hired. The horses become anxious to get out and get to work again.

Like most humans, the horses tend to go a bit soft during the winter with a lot of standing around and eating (and eating and eating and ...).

We do our best to pair up horses and drivers with similar personalities. Then the work begins. In the photo above you see step one. Horse are tacked up and then begin to go for walks with their drivers. Both get in shape, get to know each other, the horse gets to recognize and respond to the voice of the driver and the team work starts to develop.

Slowly, the length of the walks and the complexity of the commands increases and then the carriages are added. Some work on the flat comes next, then hills are added and both horse and drivers become prepared for the new season ahead.

If routes have changed then work needs to be done to get the horses accustomed to the new paths they need to follow (it is said that often times the horses know the routes better than the drivers!). Not only do the horses need to get ready for the new routes, the seasoned drivers need to learn any new commentary that might be associated with attractions along the new route and new drivers need to learn all the commentary and facts involved.

Soon the horses will be muscled up and the drivers will be prepared and ready to welcome our new guests for our wonderful narrated Horse and Buggy Tours of Historical Old Town Lunenburg.