Our Horses

At Trot In Time, we love our horses.  They are a special part of our family.  Each horse is used in rotation, working 3 days on and 2 days off to ensure they have the rest to provide you with the best possible touring experience when visiting Lunenburg.

Nobody understands the importance of the horses to our business better than we do.  Without them we cannot offer the tours as we are most certainly not pulling the carriages up and down the hills of Historic Lunenburg.

They get the best care possible at our stables and are regularly checked by our veterinarian to ensure that they are in tip top shape.  On their days off they can be found relaxing in the stables, in the paddocks off the stables, or enjoying themselves in the large pasture behind the stables.


When working they are provided with cushion mats at our departure site in order to reduce fatigue in their legs.  Whilst not on tour they do what horses do - eat hay, grain & grass!  There is a bountiful supply of hay and sweet feed and our visitors never seem to tire of giving them treats. Please ask if a treat is okay before feeding them. Both water and a nice cool shower are available along the route should it be required and appropriate on warmer days. If a day is too hot the horses have the day off to relax at the farm.