Current Horses

We hope you enjoy getting to know the current horsepower!  Should you come to visit us, please don't forget to thank them for all of their hard work.  They love treats.  They love being petted and having a good scratch.  Most of all they love to ham it up for the camera so don't hesitate to get a photo with your horse for the day.  Ask your driver or our waterfront manager and they will be happy to help you get up close and  personal with your horse.

Ernie 2 - Spring 2021.jpg
Ernie 2 - Spring 2021.jpg


Ernie is a 14 year old Clydesdale.  He is the senior horse on the job right now and is very skilled at charming our guests.  He has a great voice and speaks to me each time I am in the barn.  He simply will not stop talking until I give him something to eat.  Ernie took to his job immediately upon coming to Trot in Time and likes nothing better than taking our guests on a wonderful tour of our Historic Old Town.


Norman is a Belgian and he is an awesome worker.  Norman loves to check out people's pockets to see if you are holding out on a carrot or an apple.  Norman loves to greet people.  He is never happier than when people scratch his ears.  He lowers his head for the little ones so that they can reach to scratch him easily.  He is a very personable horse who loves to please.

Norman 2 - Spring 2021.jpg
Jake 2 - Spring 2021.jpg


Jake is a blond Belgian.  He is also the class clown.  Each time I am in the barn I ask Jake if he wants something to eat.  With his head held high he nods his head up and down repeatedly as if to say "Silly question - of course I do."  The fact is, Jake only has one thing on his mind at all times - Food.  You will  be his best friend for the next 5 minutes if you offer him a treat.


Jack is a 10 year old Belgian.  He loves to do his job.  He is proud of what he does and struts around with his head held high.  He will do anything his driver asks him to and quick about it.  He is rather embarrassed about his short tail  - so no mentioning his tail.

Jack 2 - Spring 2021.jpg