About Us

About Trot In TimeWe are just not horsing around; we’re having fun.

Our company started in 1996. I had an old carriage in my front yard; basically a lawn ornament. One day a local senior gentleman suggested I get a horse and take him for a ride in that buggy. I thought that was a great idea. After a good measure of work, including a full refit of the February 7, 1888 -built cart by shipwright Lloyd Lantz, he got his ride.

Our company name came as the result of a contest for the local elementary children. it was won by a grade three student at The Lunenburg Academy, who got a pizza party with her friends in thanks for her great idea.

Taking a tour with us, is like stepping back in time, complete with a draft Horse and an authentic 1888 buggy – a “Trot In Time.”

Our first horse came from the Ernst family who live near Lunenburg. Gregg & Jenny Ernst became dear to my heart. Jenny’s had been doing wagon rides with her horse, Cindy, but with ten children it was getting too hard to manage that business. And so Cindy became Trot in Time’s first steed. She retired in 2000 and laid down for a final rest in 2003. Please visit her memorial page.

In 2000, I was fortunate enough to be able to buy a property, complete with house and barn, only 1000 feet outside the town limits.

From there, as the saying goes,” it’s all history.” ┬áCindy and I hit the streets for the next two years. In the third year I purchase Bob. The forth year I added a second replica carriage. In the ninth year it was three carriages. Operations began in 1996, and as of today, we have four Belgians, one Percheron, three carriages, five drivers, and a ranch hand!

About Trot In TimeThe drivers are experienced handlers and each one works with a horse specifically matched with them. Shifts are scheduled in a way that allows the horses to work three days on and two days off in a row.

The peak season lasts approximately four months of the year. Work is lighter in the off season and they get a six month winter vacation.

Because the horses don’t have head lights or windshield wipers, they do not work at night or in the rain! ( As you can see by this photo, we got caught in the rain! The horse is dry under the umbrella, but the driver seems to like being out in the rain. )

We take great pride with our horses and invite visitors to schedule a visit to the barn, if they’d like to see where they are loved and cared for.